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        How HealthJoy’s Virtual MSK Care Relieved One Employee’s Lower Back Pain


        After living with nagging lower back pain for seven years, Strategic Operations Manager (TPA+) Jen Friend decided to do something about it. The slight twinge she felt in her lower back was enough to cause discomfort, but not serious enough to prompt her to seek professional help.

        “I have always been an athlete and very active,” Jen explained. “But no matter what I did it was always just kind of there going, ‘Hey, Jen. Still here!’ So when HealthJoy rolled out this musculoskeletal (MSK) program to its employees, I was happy to test it out and find a way to lower that pain.”


        The Human Element

        The program’s first step was to introduce Jen to her personal coach. Meeting the person who would be her point of contact for the next 12 weeks made the experience feel genuine and personal.

        “There wasn’t the expectation of hopping into the app on my own and seeing how things go,” Jen said. 

        "My coach, Jeremy, wanted to know me and understand my pain points, so he could craft the kind of program I needed to address my pain."


        From text messages and phone calls to video check-ins, establishing and maintaining a connection with her coach helped her stay on track. Sure, the program was easily accessible through HealthJoy’s connected care platform, but the human interactions she experienced throughout the 12 weeks conveyed something else: a sense of care.

        “Jeremy was a true champion throughout the whole process,” Jen said. “Every step of the way, he would check in on me, making sure things were going well and offering his support. It really made the program feel like HealthJoy cared about me. It’s almost like having a friend do it with you. He kept me motivated and I could tell he wanted me to succeed doing this program.”

        The video calls were especially helpful because they enabled her to ask her coach questions in real time and demonstrate any exercises she was unsure about while he provided feedback. It was during these interactions that Jeremy would also provide alternative movements and offer up other tips to try.


        A Different Level of Care

        Eventually, the virtual MSK care program became part of Jen’s regular routine. In fact, by the end of the 12th week, though she’d found relief, she was sad to see it end.

        “The first week was really about remembering to go into the app and getting into the habit of checking off whether I did the stretches or not,” she said.

        “I loved having those things to do every day to keep me going and get into a better mindset for work, and I loved having the interaction with my coach as well."


        Jen also credits her success to the program’s mobile-first approach. “Having it on my phone was great,” she said. “I didn’t have to lug around a laptop. With the phone, I could go wherever and do the stretches whenever I needed it. I was able to stay consistent.”


        Twinge Be Gone!

        Currently, Jen is working through the maintenance exercises provided to members who finish the 12-week program. However, it didn’t take 12 weeks for her to notice a shift in her pain level and overall comfort.

        “I would say two weeks into the program, I really started to notice that my back didn’t hurt as much as it did before,” Jen said.

        “Feeling that change is what motivated me to stay on the program. I figured if it was only two weeks and I already feel like this, how good would it be after the full 12 weeks?”


        After years of living with discomfort, Jen was happy to report that the lingering pain is gone. “Virtual MSK Care helped me stretch myself out and rebalance my body,” she said.

        “The program worked.”

        Virtual MSK Member Story

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