HealthJoy Insights: Member Health Goals 

Our second-annual “HealthJoy Insights'' report highlights key findings from our Health Goals survey including the fact that a significant number of members may be delaying care or skipping it entirely.

While 60% of surveyed members indicated they are managing an ongoing health condition, only 21.6% of members indicated they’d like help finding a specialist. Additionally, only a third of respondents indicated that they’re aiming to complete a physical — which can be key for preventative care, screenings and immunizations.

These discrepancies may signal that employees are delaying care when managing ongoing conditions. While this can save money in the short-term, it may lead to major healthcare spend down the road for employees and organizations alike. 

Download the report for more insights you can leverage to proactively address employee wants and needs within your benefits strategy. The journey to getting ahead of future claims begins here!

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