State of the Benefits Experience Report


What’s happening today – and tomorrow – in employee benefits? We asked hundreds of non-HealthJoy client HR and benefits professionals forward-looking questions about their plans, tactics, and outlook for 2021-22. Their answers reveal the current state of benefits and highlight challenges we’ll see in the year ahead.

Download this benchmark report to put your finger on the pulse of benefits. It’s packed with illuminating data and insights, like:

  • The #1 cost-containment strategy for 2021 and beyond – and how HR plans to achieve it
  • How COVID-19 has changed HR’s outlook on virtual healthcare
  • The education strategies HR is leaning on to communicate benefits
  • The biggest gaps in benefits, technology, and tools heading into 2022
The 2022 State of the Benefits Experience Report - Cover Mockup
Download your copy and make more informed decisions on your benefits strategy

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