The Telemedicine Buying Blueprint


Prior to COVID-19, telemedicine benefits suffered low utilization and lagging adoption. But amid worldwide shutdowns and multiple outbreaks, telemedicine provided a safer way to deliver care without compromising safety. As we continue to navigate this post-pandemic world, it’s clear employees need access to virtual medical care.

Want to improve an existing program or select the perfect telemed partner? We’ve got you covered with insider info to help boost access to care and drive better health outcomes. Download your copy for the lowdown on selecting and implementing a telemedicine program. You’ll learn:

  • How the pandemic changed the way employees use telemedicine
  • Proven methods to generate awareness and grow utilization among employees
  • Questions to ask prospective telemedicine partners
  • The benefits of offering telemedicine (Hint: Reduced costs are just the tip of the iceberg)
Download your copy to support your employees with virtual care 24/7

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