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        HealthJoy Integrations

        Behavioral Health

        Champion mental health in the workplace


        Your employees are the heart of your business– support their whole selves with easy access to mental healthcare. Our counselors will work with them to develop a custom treatment plan unique to their needs.

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        Foster a mentally healthy workplace with HealthJoy

        A proven path to relief

        We live in difficult times. One in five of your employees are suffering from mental health issues. If left untreated, that can lead to increased sick days, burnout, and disengagement.

        Our program provides an approachable experience that lowers barriers to care.

        1 in 5 Mental Health Support

        Breaking down barriers to treatment

        When an employee needs help, it should be easy to find. Our members request help finding in-network mental health providers 55 times per week, on average.

        HealthJoy partners with Teladoc Health to provide high-quality virtual therapy services to adults and adolescents for a wide range of conditions. Layering HealthJoy's navigation solution onto Teladoc Health Mental Health maximizes enrollment and drives higher member utilization.

        Adolescent Mental Health

        Fostering a mentally healthy workplace, one team member at a time

        It’s hard to ask for help. Over half of those with mental health concerns don’t get the care they need. Our program is uniquely engaging for users, encouraging them from the start and sticking with them through treatment.

        As your team feels better, you’ll see results in decreased absenteeism and increased productivity. Happy employees are productive employees.

        Building Resilience

        Fully integrated with our industry-leading navigation platform

        When you combine our behavioral health program with our navigation platform, you see results.

        They work in unison to encourage the best care possible for your employees. We’ll steer them to solutions that meet their needs wherever they are in their healthcare journey.

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        HealthJoy's Connected Healthcare Navigation Platform

        Start guiding your employees to high-value care, today.

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