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HealthJoy Connected Navigation Platform
Connected Navigation Platform
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    Virtual MSK Care
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    Virtual Primary Care
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      Virtual Urgent Care
      Virtual Urgent Care
      Immediate care, any hour of the day

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      Chronic Care
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        Virtual Urgent Care

        Immediate care, any hour of the day


        Give your employees access to an online medical provider within minutes. They can get a diagnosis, a new prescription, or even a refill sent to their local pharmacy. No driving and no (or low) co-pay.

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        HealthJoy Virtual Urgent Care

        Talk to a provider with 1 tap

        Our medical professionals are available in an instant whenever your employees or their dependents need care. We can treat common medical problems and prescribe medication in an instant. We make round-the-clock care easy.


        An approachable way to lower costs

        Having easy access to online care helps avoid unnecessary trips to doctor’s offices, urgent care, and ERs. Our clients save hundreds per employee per year, while employees get a less frustrating healthcare experience. It’s a win-win for experience and costs.


        The connected care experience

        We’ve reimagined the way people access care by deeply integrating the experience within our healthcare navigation platform. It’s the reason our utilization numbers are consistently higher than the industry average.

        Half of our virtual urgent care consultations start when members look for in-person care. We steer them toward a virtual alternative, providing them with the affordable care they need within minutes.

        The Connected Care Experience

        What we treat

        For minor health concerns, your employees don’t have to wait in an emergency room or an urgent care center for diagnosis and treatment. Our highly-qualified team of medical providers can evaluate common conditions like:

        • Abrasions & Lacerations
        • Acne
        • Allergies
        • Asthma
        • Bacterial Vaginosis
        • Birth Control
        • Bites and Stings
        • Body Aches
        • Bronchitis
        • Cough & Fever
        • Diarrhea
        • Flu
        • Frostbite
        • Gout
        • Headaches
        • Hives
        • Itchy Eyes
        • Lice
        • Medication Refills
        • Migraines
        • Nasal Congestion
        • Nausea
        • Pink Eye
        • Respiratory Infections
        • STD and STIs
        • Sinus Infections
        • Sinus Symptoms
        • Skin Infections
        • Sore Throat
        • Sprains and Strains
        • Travel Medications
        • UTI
        • Vomiting
        • Yeast Infections

        Fully integrated with our industry-leading navigation platform

        When you combine our virtual urgent care program with our navigation platform, savings are accelerated.

        They work in unison to encourage the best care possible for your employees. We’ll steer them to solutions that meet their needs wherever they are in their healthcare journey.

        Home and Virtual Health

        HealthJoy's Connected Healthcare Navigation Platform

        Start guiding your employees to high-value care, today.

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