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        Reimagining Musculoskeletal Care


        Give your employees an easy way to get relief from chronic pain in just minutes per day. Our hands-on, world-class coaching is approachable and completely integrated into their HealthJoy experience.

        You'll find less pain, less spend, and more satisfaction with Virtual MSK Care.

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        HealthJoy Reimagines Musculoskeletal Care

        Say goodbye to chronic pain

        Our program starts with a dedicated personal coach who creates a plan tailored to provide long-lasting relief for your employees. Coaches are focused on getting them back to doing the things they love and supporting them every step of the way.

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        It pays for itself — in relief and the bottom line

        When your employees have chronic pain, the world can come screeching to a halt. Absenteeism goes up and depression can creep in. Expensive procedures start to look appealing even though they’re often ineffective.

        We've seen $2,572 in savings per participant - which translates to expected annual savings of more than $15,700 per year - and less recovery time than other treatment methods.

        We’ll get your employees — and finance team — smiling again.

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        Life changing results

        We’ve rebuilt the exercise therapy model using neurological science for maximum results. It's more than just a set of exercises, it’s a transformative experience for the musculoskeletal system. It’s simple to do, easy to access, and focused on quick relief.

        Users report over 80% reduction in pain and function improvement in just 15 minutes each day. And with an 85 NPS (world-class satisfaction rate), your employees will be happy to commit to this program.

        Life Changing Results

        See how Virtual MSK Therapy can be a game changer for your employees


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        HealthJoy MSK User Testimonial
        "I had a slip and fall onto concrete three years ago that severely affected my back. When I started this program I could only walk short distances, had very limited standing tolerance, experienced difficulty climbing stairs, and avoided bending or kneeling due to pain. I’m amazed to say that I’m now 100% pain-free and can even walk in heels again! I’ve never experienced anything better for my back pain than this program. I loved the usability of the app and how this program fit perfectly around my busy schedule. It’s wonderful that this program is completely free! My coworkers who are using this program absolutely love it, and I could not recommend it more highly!"

        Proactive outreach to those who need it most

        Unlike traditional solutions, HealthJoy’s proactive engagement and healthcare concierge steerage can help identify and guide members with chronic pain toward appropriate care.

        That means pointing them to our lower-cost, highly effective MSK solution, as well as finding them mental health support — since chronic pain is heavily correlated with depression. It’s a holistic approach to pain management and support.

        The result? A 37% decrease in depression and anxiety among program participants.



        Fully integrated with our industry-leading navigation platform

        When you combine our virtual MSK program with our navigation platform, results follow.

        They work in unison as part of the HealthJoy ecosystem to encourage the best care possible for your employees. We’ll steer them to the best care to meet their needs wherever they are in their healthcare journey.

        Fully-integrated with our industry-leading navigation platform-1

        HealthJoy's Connected Healthcare Navigation Platform

        Start guiding your employees to high-value care, today.

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