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        HealthJoy Integrations


        A new approach to Chronic Care


        Give your employees the care they need to address chronic health conditions. HealthJoy is partnering with Livongo by Teladoc Health to deliver an easy-to-use, integrated Chronic Care management experience for eligible HealthJoy members. 

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        HealthJoys Approach to Chronic Care


        Multiple conditions, one unified experience

        By addressing multiple chronic conditions in a unified experience, including underlying lifestyle and behavioral factors, our Chronic Care Management program can reduce healthcare costs while providing holistic care.

        HealthJoy simplifies and lightens the burden of chronic condition management to empower members to achieve life-changing results.

        A holistic approach to care

        Treating some of the most prevalent — and expensive — conditions

        By 2030, an estimated 83.4 million people in the U.S. will have three or more chronic conditions. 

        HealthJoy’s partnership with Livongo by Teladoc Health helps to treat multiple chronic conditions that can cause a significant time and financial burden to employees.

        Providing Relief with Proven Outcomes

        Proven outcomes — physically and financially

        Chronic conditions can be debilitating - physically, emotionally, and financially. 

        The cost of care for people facing chronic conditions is expensive, and increases nearly six-fold when employees have three or more conditions. HealthJoy’s solution is an investment employers will make in their employees that provides a strong 3-year ROI guarantee.

        Health coaches your employees can count on

        A program employees will stick with

        This program simplifies the care experience for members that may have multiple chronic conditions that can be overwhelming to manage. By using data driven personalization, we keep members engaged and supported throughout their journey.

        Additionally, 90% of Livongo by Teladoc Health Chronic Condition registered members wished to continue after their first year.


        A Program Employees Will Stick With

        Fully integrated with our industry-leading navigation platform

        Members can stay in the HealthJoy app and access Livongo by Teladoc Health Chronic Care with just one click. HealthJoy centralizes all chronic care programs into a single interface, offering a seamless integration for members. 

        This avoids a fragmented experience for our members compared to similar offerings within the marketplace. We encourage the best care possible for your employees and our navigation platform steers them to the best care to meet their needs, no matter where they are in their healthcare journey.

        Fully Integrated with HealthJoys Industry Leading Navigation Platform

        HealthJoy's Connected Healthcare Navigation Platform

        Start guiding your employees to high-value care, today.

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