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Connected Navigation Platform
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        May 27, 2021

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        November 3, 2020

        Oscar Veteran Dr. Patricia Pechter Joins HealthJoy as Chief Medical Officer
        October 21, 2020

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        October 20, 2020

        HealthJoy Releases 2021 State of the Benefits Experience Report
        September 16, 2020

        20 Digital Innovators transforming work
        September 15, 2020

        #WorkTrends: Transforming the Healthcare Benefits Experience
        September 11, 2020

        Conner Strong & Buckelew Partners With HealthJoy To Deliver Clients A Superior Benefits Experience
        September 01, 2020

        Employers expect healthcare costs to jump 5% in 2021 amid coronavirus pandemic
        August 24, 2020

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        August 12, 2020

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        Jul 16, 2020

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        July 08, 2020

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        April 23, 2020

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        April 3, 2020

        Chicago Companies Are Stepping Up To Take Down Covid Chaos
        March 27, 2020

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        March 24, 2020

        HealthJoy Announces 2-Day QuickLaunch for Employer Telemedicine Offering in Response to Outbreak
        March 24, 2020

        Chicago Companies Are Stepping Up To Take Down Covid Chaos
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        HealthJoy Secures $30 Million Series C Led By Health Velocity Capital
        February 24, 2020

        Created to help employees figure out health benefits, HealthJoy raises $30 million
        February 24, 2020

        Benefits assistant HealthJoy raises $30M
        February 24, 2020

        HealthJoy’s $30M Series C will buff its health benefits platform, expand its team
        February 24, 2020

        The party roars on: Investment professionals are confident about making money in 2020
        February 24, 2020

        How a consumer-first approach will change benefits
        February 12, 2020

        Healthcare Strategies Partners with HealthJoy to Deliver Better Benefits Experience
        January 22, 2020


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        April 8, 2019

        HealthJoy gets $12.5 million infusion
        March 11, 2019

        Venture Capital Daily Roundup
        March 11, 2019

        HealthJoy’s AI-powered employee benefits platform raises $12.5M
        March 11, 2019

        Term Sheet — Monday, March 11
        March 11, 2019

        STARTUPS HealthJoy Lands $12.5M To Double Staff
        March 10, 2019

        Following explosive growth, HealthJoy announces $12.5M funding and plans to double headcount
        March 08, 2019

        Top startup news for today, Friday, March 8, 2019
        March 08, 2019

        HealthJoy Secures $12.5 Million Series B Led By U.S. Venture Partners
        March 08, 2019

        Cost-cutting strategies for the new year
        January 30, 2019


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        July 20, 2018

        Using AI for eligibility file management
        July 18, 2018

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        July 11, 2018

        How a broker eases employees’ healthcare burden
        July 09, 2018

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        May 30, 2018

        6 futuristic AI tools HR departments can use right now
        May 21, 2018

        Benefits industry newsmakers: Voluntary Disruption, HealthJoy, NAPA
        May 01, 2018

        AI offers health care industry new ways to control costs, manage care
        April 29, 2018

        Premier Consulting Associates Announces New Partnership with HealthJoy
        April 11, 2018

        HealthJoy and Springbuk Announce Strategic Partnership to Give Companies More Control Over Their Healthcare Costs
        April 11, 2018

        Conversational commerce is no longer a one-person show
        March 21, 2018

        AI poised to transform open enrollments
        January 16, 2018

        HealthJoy, Springbuk team up to improve employee healthcare experience
        January 09, 2018


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        August 15, 2017

        Term Sheet — Tuesday, August 15
        August 15, 2017

        HealthJoy Raises $3 Million to Bring AI to Health Benefits Navigation
        August 15, 2017

        HealthJoy plans to grow its team by 50 percent with $3M Series A
        August 14, 2017

        AI-driven HealthJoy’s Series A financing round nets $3M
        August 14, 2017

        HealthJoy wants you to talk to an A.I. chatbot when you wake up sick at 2 a.m.
        July 31, 2017

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        July 31, 2017

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        July 31, 2017

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        July 25, 2017

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        June 29, 2017

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        June 12, 2017

        American health care is so messed up that a whole industry has been created to help navigate it
        June 02, 2017

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        February 3, 2017

        Let’s chat about chatbots
        January 19, 2017


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        Under-the-Radar: 10 Digital Health Startups to Watch
        May 29, 2015

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        April 06, 2015