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        CASE STUDY

        Activating a Better Benefits Experience



        Nearly Every Hemisphere Employee Has Used the HealthJoy App

        Hemisphere is a high-tech aerospace company whose products provide satellite guidance and positioning services. As employee healthcare costs climbed, Hemisphere needed a tool to empower employees to make better use of their benefits. Here’s how we helped Hemisphere employees activate a better benefits experience.



        Like many businesses, Hemisphere was feeling the squeeze of rising healthcare costs. A “few bad years” of costly medical issues drove up company healthcare spend and meant higher costs for employees. Senior HR Manager Amy Ebert was fielding benefits questions at every turn. That left little time for the wellness initiatives Amy knew would actually move the needle on company health.

        It was a catch-22. So when Hemisphere’s broker introduced them to HealthJoy’s benefits experience platform, Amy was instantly intrigued.

        "We really liked how HealthJoy offered the potential to help employees with healthcare spend, lower costs for the company, and drive participation in our wellness initiatives—all in one app.”


        Championing HealthJoy

        Amy was in, but she knew true change would only be possible if employees bought in, too. Once Hemisphere decided to implement HealthJoy, she made it her mission to help employees see its value.

        Amy’s push for high activation started long before HealthJoy launched. She began by championing the new benefit during open enrollment. She talked about HealthJoy at meetings, reminded employees in emails and company communications that the launch was coming, and used HealthJoy’s supplied marketing materials.

        She even shared HealthJoy during a quarterly company town hall. Perhaps most importantly, Amy was vocal about her own experience with the app. Her hard work paid off—Hemisphere reached an outstanding 95% activation rate in the first two months after launch.

        "I think it was the excitement of me presenting HealthJoy and not dropping it after open enrollment that really contributed to our high activation"


        Higher Engagement, Lower Healthcare Spend

        In just a few months, high employee engagement helped Hemisphere realize their goal of changing the way employees navigated their benefits. They’ve used HealthJoy to pull up their benefits wallet and clarify coverage, as well as find care and manage their overall spending.

        Hemisphere’s 81 employees used telemedicine 7 times in less than two months, saving the company an estimated $3,619. Employees have already reported great results with HealthJoy’s money-saving prescription review service, which saved an estimated $1,312. Combined with an estimated productivity savings of $915, HealthJoy saved Hemispheres $5,846 in the first two months after launch.



        Saved with HealthJoy


        Amy, who used HealthJoy’s telemedicine to quickly speak with a medical professional over her holiday break, said she loves knowing she’s making the best choice for her company as well as her health.

        “Having been in HR for years, I know that what one individual does can really affect the entire team,” Amy said.

        With HealthJoy on hand, Amy has time to focus on Hemispheres’ wellness initiatives. The company has run biometric screenings, expanded a fitness reimbursement program to encompass wellness, and sponsored companywide Fitbit step challenges. She credits HealthJoy with giving her back time the time she needs to focus on creating a healthier workplace.

        "It took the pressure off me, and it empowered Hemisphere employees."

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