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        CASE STUDY

        How Navigation Support and Virtual Care Drive a Trucking Company’s Cost Savings


        TCW is a trucking and logistics company approaching a mission of excellence with innovative operations, an uncompromised safety record — and a commitment to offering satisfying jobs.

        That commitment pushed TCW to offer HealthJoy’s benefits navigation platform to all employees beginning in 2020, and to enroll in HealthJoy’s new Virtual MSK Care program in 2021. Learn more about how HealthJoy helps TCW meet its commitments to customers and employees.


        The Story of TCW

        Founded in 1948 as a small, family-owned warehousing business, TCW has since expanded into a large, third-generation diversified transportation enterprise. Throughout its expansion, TCW maintained a commitment to being a one-stop service for customers. It’s ranked among the largest intermodal operations in the country, offering customers a network of transportation services with operations at 10 inland terminals and two port locations.

        Over seven decades of business, TCW has successfully integrated the latest technology while remaining committed to valuing its customers, meeting their needs, and going out of their way to get the job done. TCW drivers are integral to those values.

        When Benefits and Risk Manager Bob Flood joined the TCW team, he saw an opportunity to provide those employees — who typically spend 10–12 hours per day driving — with more healthcare navigation support. Flood’s experience working in a hospital system exposed him to the confusion and frustration that often comes along with navigating healthcare.

        TCW has always taken advantage of cost-containment solutions to keep healthcare affordable for employees. “I see HealthJoy as one of these solutions that also helps employees navigate care through the use of the healthcare concierge team and customer support,” Bob said.


        Navigation Support for On-the-Go Employees

        Throughout his 30-year career in benefits and risk management, Bob has seen employees struggle to understand and use their healthcare benefits. At companies big and small, he saw it drive up costs and cause frustration.

        “I can’t tell you how many times employees have come to me and said ‘I need to find a doctor in my area that does this, this, and this,’” Bob said. “And all I can do is point them toward our insurance carrier’s portal.”

        From his experience in healthcare, Bob knew that it could be even more difficult to find providers who met the quality standards he wanted for employees.


        “One of the big things I love about HealthJoy is that it can help them find a provider that is not only cost-effective but has a good quality record.”


        With HealthJoy, employees have 24/7 access to a team of trained concierges who provide high-quality, in-network recommendations for providers, imaging facilities, testing locations, and more. Over nearly 4,000 member interactions, TCW employees have used HealthJoy to find a provider or facility, book an appointment, review a prescription, or access telemedicine 1,102 times. Crucially, HealthJoy concierges also helped TCW employees find providers, facilities, or schedule appointments nearly 400 times — a massive time savings for employees who spend most of their time in a truck cab.

        TCW employees also accessed HealthJoy telemedicine consultations nearly 150 times. Telemedicine can effectively treat most common medical conditions like sinus infections and the flu, and it’s a convenient alternative to in-person care while workers are on the road. Even for those who prefer in-person care, HealthJoy’s 24/7 availability can help members decide on next steps when a primary care physician isn’t open.

        Bob also relies on HealthJoy to provide easy access to benefits information for his highly mobile employees. When employees call to say they’ve lost their insurance cards — three to four times per month, at minimum, Bob estimates — he reminds them to download the HealthJoy app and open the benefits wallet, which has electronic versions of all their employee benefits cards. Employees use this feature liberally; TCW’s 700 employees have viewed the benefits wallet nearly 3,000 total times.

        The HealthJoy concierge team has answered 530 benefits questions for TCW employees. HealthJoy’s navigation tools and virtual care have enabled TCW employees to make cost-effective healthcare decisions, driving a savings of $146,452 for the company and a 159% return on investment.

        Throughout the year, Bob’s team uses HealthJoy’s in-app notifications to reach employees with important benefits notifications and reminders, such as a prompt to complete their biometric screenings.


        "HealthJoy helps our employees, but it also helps us provide benefits education, and that’s always a great thing.”


        Why TCW Chose Virtual MSK Care

        In addition to dealing with back pain himself and seeing the typical medical approach to pain management through work in a hospital system, Bob knew TCW employees were statistically likely to be suffering. An estimated 53% of truck drivers experience low back pain, according to one systematic review, and neck, shoulder, and upper back pain are commonly reported occupational health concerns, too.

        “With our drivers beating up their bodies every day, whether I’m hearing it or not, it’s common knowledge that it happens,” Bob said.

        “[Virtual MSK Care] fit our needs perfectly, and we trusted HealthJoy. It was a win-win.”


        Musculoskeletal-related conditions account for $213 billion in annual treatment, care, and lost wages, making it the third-highest source of claims spend for 85% of employers. Though physical therapy is the CDC’s recommendation for 95% of people with low back pain, many people turn to surgery when it’s presented as a “quick fix.” Surgeries account for over 70% of MSK spend, according to the United States Bone and Joint Initiative

        Bob was introduced to HealthJoy’s Virtual MSK Care solution in the summer of 2021. He immediately loved that it offered an opportunity to provide employees with effective, personalized exercise therapy in a mobile app at no additional cost to them.

        Given the unique needs of their employee population and their previous success with HealthJoy, implementing MSK was a no-brainer.

        “It fit our needs perfectly, and we trusted HealthJoy,” Bob said. “It was a win-win.”


        The Support Employees Need When, and Wherever, They Need It

        HealthJoy’s connected healthcare experience is centralized in an app that employees can easily access on their smartphones. TCW employees are an average 45 years old and constantly on the go, but Bob says employees of every age use and love the app.

        Virtual MSK Care builds on the ease of this mobile experience to deliver results. The virtual exercise program pairs employees with a coach who creates custom programming designed to treat their individual needs. Evaluations are conducted virtually through the HealthJoy app, and exercises are programmed to take about 15 minutes per day.

        Bob was an early adopter of Virtual MSK Care. His previous experience with physical therapy for a frozen shoulder taught him just how impactful less invasive options can be for pain management. He’s enjoying the experience and already feeling the difference in his low back pain. Yet he says it’s the ease and individual attention of his coach that set HealthJoy Virtual MSK Care apart.

        “I have someone there who can see my text and respond at 8 p.m.,” Bob said.

        “From that standpoint, I think I have even better contact with my coach than I did with in-person care.”


        For a fleet of drivers who spend most of their time on the road, in-person care is an even more difficult proposition. It’s particularly complicated during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, when employees might be wary of a waiting room and reluctant to seek care at all.

        “If they can do it on the phone and don’t have to miss much time on the road, they’re far more likely to do it,” Bob said.

        With TCW’s ongoing commitment to its employees in mind, Bob rests a little easier knowing Virtual MSK Care will be there for his time-strapped drivers when, and wherever, they need relief the most.

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