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        Case Study

        Taking care of Nueterra Capital’s Employees Starts on Their Mobile Phone



        Nueterra Capital is a private equity firm whose mission is to invest in innovative ventures and provide the resources to help their partners grow and change the future of healthcare. They have invested in hundreds of ventures and have grown their portfolio companies to over 1,500 employees across 40 different offices in the US.

        Being leaders in healthcare, they’ve always strived to offer a high-quality benefits package to their employees. Yet this benefits package consisted of 10 different vendors and support many times fell to the HR department.

        “Our department is fairly small for the number of employees we support within our company. It was challenging keeping up with inbound requests from employees,” said Rebecca Specht, VP of Benefits. “Utilizing the HealthJoy app has helped our employees navigate easily through the various benefits we offer by consolidating them into one convenient package. Since we can’t be available 24/7, this is a great solution for our employees any time they need assistance.”

        “We previously had 10 different employee benefits vendors with completely different user experiences. Now with HealthJoy, they have become the center of all our benefits experience and our engagement has soared – so has our savings.”



        A Single App That’s at the Center of the Employee’s Benefits Experience.

        Nueterra Capital discovered HealthJoy when they announced their Series A financing round. Nueterra Capital has a self-funded medical plan and HealthJoy’s artificial intelligence-driven platform that helps employers with benefits engagement and cost containment caught the interest of Nueterra Capital. Furthermore, Nueterra Capital has used separate platforms for their wellness program and telehealth solution.

        They discovered that HealthJoy not only provided an integrated telemedicine solution but offered a complete employee engagement and guidance solution for all their employee benefits. They decided to roll out HealthJoy at the start of 2018 during their open enrollment, both replacing their existing telemedicine provider and to have HealthJoy function as their employee engagement platform.

        Their previous telemedicine provider (the leaders in the space) had a compelling offering, but employee usage was dismal. They knew the savings that telemedicine could provide but they only had 32 consultations in the first 6 weeks in 2017. When they calculated their effective cost per consultation, they were shocked at the price and knew there had to be a better solution.


        Nueterra Capital’s Explosive Engagement Numbers

        Nueterra Capital instantly knew that HealthJoy was a success – within 6 weeks of launch they were surprised by the amazing results. “I was floored to see that in such a short time HealthJoy was able to perform 516 telemedicine consults for our employees. The feedback from our employees has been fantastic.

        They love using the app,” said Travis Tasset, VP. “HealthJoy has been a total game changer for our benefits package. It was also eye-opening to realize that previously no one single company was in charge of our employee’s healthcare experience. Now HealthJoy fills that role.”



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