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        The Ultimate Road Warrior

        Life on the road sounds more luxurious than it actually is. When you’re constantly traveling, it’s easy to assume some things will stay constant, like your health. In reality, you can’t always take basic things for granted. Charles, a sales manager for a manufacturer out of Colorado, was harshly reminded of this fact after a client dinner down in South Florida.

        “I woke up in the morning feeling horrible. I was nauseous, had stomach pains, and my vision was blurred. I wasn’t sure what to do,” he recalls. He needed to see a doctor but wasn’t sure which doctor to go see in Florida. He also wasn’t sure if local doctors would be on his insurance plan and which treatments would be covered.

        His company had recently added HealthJoy to their benefits package so he fired up the app and began chatting with a healthcare concierge. He wanted to see a local doctor so he asked them to find a local provider that was covered by his insurance that would see him today.

        "I didn’t want to go to the emergency room, because the last time I went to the ER I got a $1000 bill for 15 minutes with the doctor. I did want to see someone ASAP, though.”

        The Search Begins

        Alex, the concierge, understood the urgency that was needed to find Charles a local provider. During the chat, Alex asked if Charles wanted HealthJoy to book the appointment as well, and Charles said yes. Alex quickly entered the Concierge Care Center™, HealthJoy’s in-house CRM, and began searching for local providers that fell within Charles’ insurance coverage network.

        He narrowed down the options based on distance, and found 3 providers that fit the criteria. He called all three offices and asked for the next available appointment.

        One doctor was willing to see Charles within 15 minutes, so he booked that appointment. He also figured out the expected out-of-pocket expense and his present deductible levels and compiled the information into Charles’ inbox card.

        To make sure that the member got all the information as soon as possible, Alex also called him immediately with all the information.

        "I couldn’t believe how fast I got an appointment. Alex went above and beyond to help me out. The app made the whole experience so simple — I got in my car, opened the inbox, and with one click was getting directions from Google Maps. I was at the doctor 10 minutes later and was treated immediately.”

        On the Road to Recovery

        The next day, Charles was already feeling much better. The doctor had treated him with antihistamine, which reduced his symptoms within hours. He stayed at the hotel an extra night and made a full recovery within 48 hours.

        “I don’t know what I would have done without the help. I probably just would’ve driven to the ER and dealt with the financial consequences later, because in the moment I was in no condition to figure it out on my own. HealthJoy was a real life-saver. It was the first time I had used the service, but I’m going to use them to book all my appointments from now on.”

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