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        How Our Bill Review Team Turned a Health Tech Skeptic Into a Staunch Supporter



        Like many Americans, Steven Clark and his wife, Emily recently found themselves knee-deep in medical billing confusion. Emily’s medical procedure had been performed and paid for in early 2020. Yet months later, they began receiving “random” bills.

        Steven would soon learn that a change in the facility’s system resulted in duplicate billing—to the tune of an additional $1,817.06. Though he knew the bills were wrong, getting them resolved turned into another matter altogether.

        "It was like pushing through that barrier in front of you that you’re battering at over and over, and finally seeing that there’s clear space beyond."

        Skeptic to Believer

        When Steven’s company rolled out HealthJoy, he admits his expectations were low. In previous roles, his company had promised new solutions in benefits packages, but he’d been disappointed. Nothing really made a difference in his day-to-day benefits experience.

        “I kind of discounted it,” Steven, a Product Training and Documentation Manager, said. “I expected a gimmick, something that wasn’t really useful.”

        But with hours already lost and thousands of dollars on the line, Steven resolved to take a Hail Mary approach.

        “We have this benefit,” he told his wife. “Let’s just try it.”


        Bill Review Specialist Isabelle

        Bill Review Specialist Isabelle’s coordination saved Steven $2,553.21.

        Resolving a Glaring Error

        From the moment HealthJoy’s virtual assistant, JOY, passed his request to the Bill Review team, Steven’s anxiety began to lessen. He simply uploaded the details of his claim, and within a week, Bill Review Specialist Isabelle was calling with a plan of attack.

        Isabelle coordinated with the insurance carrier and provider, and with her help, the bill was reduced to just $81.79. In total, Isabelle saved Steven’s family an estimated $2,552.21.

        HealthJoy even coordinated with a provider for an earlier bill for $1040.88. Isabelle went out of her way to contact the provider, and thanks to that call, Steven received the welcome instruction to disregard yet another heart-stopping bill.


        “Pushing Through the Barrier” with Confidence

        Steven’s experience underscores the low-level anxiety that often accompanies a medical billing error. Even when we know something is wrong, the layers of red tape and failed communication might lead us to throw in the towel and write the check.

        “I really thought I was just going to have to give up and pay double for this bill,” Steven said. He added that, though his case isn’t completely resolved, finally making progress means he can breathe easy.

        "It’s no longer a source of perpetual frustration and stress and, quite frankly, anxiety.”

        Ultimately, it was the extra support and expertise of a trained billing specialist that proved HealthJoy’s value to this one-time skeptic.

        “It was like pushing through that barrier in front of you that you’re battering at over and over, and finally seeing that there’s clear space beyond,” Steven said.

        Bill Review Member Story

        Download a PDF of this member story to share with your colleagues