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        Virtual Medicine Helps a Busy Mom


        Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Sleepless nights, organizing playdates, reviewing homework, it’s a job that never stops. For working mothers, things are even more difficult and time is at an even higher premium. Some of our most appreciative HealthJoy members are our working mothers, and we go out of our way to make their lives just a little easier.

        One mom that’s a fan of HealthJoy is Shannon from GoHealth. As one of the INC 500’s Fastest Growing Software Companies in the US, her job in human resources is demanding. She was extremely happy when her employer incorporated HealthJoy into their benefits package. Shannon said:

        "I didn’t waste any time getting the feel of using the HealthJoy app, and I have to say that as a mom this is one of the best things a parent, or anyone for that matter, could have!”

        A Daughter in Need

        One of HealthJoy’s most-used features is the 24/7 access to a team of medical experts. Members have access to board-certified experts who can provide a consultation within 15 minutes and even prescribe medications. Prescriptions can be digitally sent to any pharmacy in the country and will be available for pickup within minutes.

        For the majority of members, access to online doctors is completely free, and for members with high deductible health plans with HSAs, access is only a small fee.

        "My daughter had an infection, so I jumped on the app… within 10 minutes, he was able to diagnose the infection over the phone and send in the prescription for me to pick up from my pharmacy. This saved me so much time, not to mention the nearly a full day of work I would’ve missed to take my daughter to Urgent Care.”

        One Happy Camper

        Within a few days, Shannon’s daughter was back in school and feeling better. The infection cleared up and Sofie was happy to be playing with her friends again. Shannon adds, “I love this app! I would recommend everyone take advantage of this awesome benefit. A special thanks to the company for providing this to our team!”

        Virtual Urgent Care Member Story

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