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        Centralizing The Employee Experience: Summer 2021 Product Updates

        Centralizing The Employee Experience: Summer 2021 Product Updates | HealthJoy


        From added convenience to ongoing COVID-19 considerations, we’ve enhanced a few features this quarter that improve the member experience.

        We’ve added a feature that allows HealthJoy members to save a copy of their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card right in the app, simplifying their access as many workplaces require proof for reopening.

        Our latest product update also showcases a more convenient way for HR to communicate about Open Enrollment. After rolling out a public beta of our tool, Broadcaster, in the spring, we added an extra layer of convenience by including a new OE-specific template and a feature that broadens your HR team’s reach.

        What’s more, our product team has some exciting rollouts planned for HealthJoy clients later in the year, so stay tuned for an in-depth look at those upcoming offerings on our blog. Here’s what else we’ve been up to this quarter.

        Save Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card in the App

        As cities across the U.S. gear up for full re-openings, it’s likely certain organizations may require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination. For HealthJoy members, that information will become easily accessible thanks to an enhancement that allows them to save a copy of their COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card right in the app.

        To get started, members will need to open the HealthJoy app and start a chat with the healthcare concierge. From there, they can let us know they want to save their COVID-19 vaccination record. We’ll ask for a photo, and once we’ve loaded it, it will arrive as a “card” to their HealthJoy Inbox.


        Use Broadcaster to Communicate OE Plans

        We know benefits communication can get complicated, and with Open Enrollment just around the corner, your HR team probably has plenty of crucial information to share with employees right now. That’s why we’ve added a new OE template to our Broadcaster tool.

        Available through the dashboard, Broadcaster enables you to reach out to eligible employees efficiently and with ease via their mobile devices, where they can view your messages (“broadcasts”) through the HealthJoy app. With the new template, you can simplify your message and ensure employees receive vital OE materials, announcements, and reminders.

        New call-to-action

        In addition to a new OE template, Broadcaster’s latest features also allows HR teams to:

        • Link to any wallet card category at the end of a broadcast. It gives employers the ability to segment their broadcasts and only send to members eligible for that benefit type.
        • Reach their members. Even if an activated member doesn’t have push notifications enabled on their device, they’ll still receive email communication that will prompt them to open the app where they can view your message.

        Coming Soon: An Easier Way to Find Care

        Members will soon have access to a powerful, self-service tool that enables them to search for in-network care providers and facilities within minutes.

        This tool, Find Care, will give your employees the option to perform their own search, but still have full access to HealthJoy’s concierge team and services like appointment scheduling and finding answers to benefits questions as they arise.

        What’s Ahead

        Whether it’s simplifying OE communication and segmenting broadcasts, or finding more convenient ways for members to store vital vaccination info in the app, this quarter’s improvements focused on optimizing the member experience. In the months ahead, we’re excited to roll out Find Care, along with expanded offerings geared to make implementation easier, drive benefits utilization, and improve employee health outcomes.

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