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        Fall 2021 Product Updates

        Fall 2021 Product Updates

        Between our COVID-19 vaccination tracking, provider search enhancements, and OE support through Broadcaster, it’s an exciting time here at HealthJoy.

        In response to President Biden’s vaccine mandate announcement on Sept. 9, we added Vaccination Tracking to the app — to make the collecting and tracking of employee vaccination and testing status as painless as possible.

        As HR teams everywhere gear up for open enrollment, our latest updates provide clients with additional support thanks to new templates in Broadcaster, and more ways for members to search for behavioral health providers.

        Stay tuned for more exciting rollouts in the months ahead. Here’s more insight into what our product team has been up to lately.

        Vaccination Tracking

        Under the upcoming Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) from OSHA, private companies with more than 100 employees are required to prove that employees have been either fully vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. Employers that ignore the standard could face penalties of up to $14,000 per violation.

        Although official details of the anticipated ETS are still unknown, to help employers be proactive and stay compliant, HealthJoy’s Vaccination Tracking feature collects, stores, and provides reporting for members’ vaccination records with ease. Through a simple image upload and built-in chat support, members can provide proof of vaccination and store their records in the app. For members who are already using HealthJoy to store their vaccination records, no additional steps are needed. The process is simple for employees and HR alike. Clients that enroll in Vaccination Tracking will also gain access to weekly reporting, which will indicate whether employees are fully vaccinated, how many doses they’ve received, and their COVID testing status.

        Need to remind employees about updating their testing status, or uploading their vaccination card? Clients can reach out via Broadcaster to drive adherence.

        Learn more about adding member-centered vaccination tracking with HealthJoy here, or explore more by watching a full replay of our webinar with CEO Justin Holland.

        Broadcaster and Open Enrollment

        We know the pressure’s on for HR pros everywhere. Open enrollment time is here, and it’s likely you’ll have essential information to share with employees. To simplify communications and deliver a better experience, we’ve added three OE-centered templates in Broadcaster to support clients before, during, and after the season. The templates provide an easy way to update employees on:

        • Open enrollment period details

        • Open enrollment meeting reminders

        • Open enrollment plan changes

        Available through the Dashboard, Broadcaster makes custom in-app health and benefits communication a reality. The tool enables employers to reach out to eligible members efficiently and with ease via their mobile devices, where they can view messages through the HealthJoy app. A broadcast consists of a push notification and up to five corresponding messages you can send out to employees. Clients can choose whether to write their own message or select from the provided templates.

        New call-to-action

        Behavioral Health Search

        As the pandemic stretches into its third year, as many as 80% of Americans report struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, or isolation. And with the holidays around the corner, we can add Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and additional stress to the mix.

        For employees seeking mental health support, a self-search tool within HealthJoy Behavioral Health now allows members to search for a provider based on availability (day and time), instead of only by provider.

        The extra layer of convenience makes it easier for members to connect to the care they need when they need it. The tool can be found under the app menu tile “Access Mental Health Support.”

        No matter the need, our mental health programs are easily accessible through the HealthJoy app. Simple, effective, and confidential, our convenient virtual behavioral health program offers therapeutic resources to help employees develop a long-term treatment plan for conditions that impact their overall wellness. If an employee seeks assistance to manage outside stressors, there’s probably an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) resource to address it. From adoption assistance and financial problems, to elder care and legal services, HealthJoy EAP offers a complete suite of services. HealthJoy mental health resources are designed to lower barriers to carrier and help employees get the support they need to live and work with more ease and support. 

        We’re excited about this recent round of updates as well as the changes on our roadmap, and on the horizon, for 2022. Stay tuned to the HealthJoy blog to hear the latest. 

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