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        1 min read

        eBook: Write OE Emails People Will Actually Read

        Featured Image

        Employees may love to hate employee benefits communications, but they also want to learn more.

        Yes, really: New research indicates employees saw the pandemic as a “major wakeup call” to invest more time learning about their benefits.

        As we roll into open enrollment season, your team is juggling a lot. It’s tempting to throw all the newest info into an all-company email, hit send, and move on. But before you do that, it’s worth asking: “Will anyone actually read it?”

        A great OE email can generate excitement, answer lingering questions, and in the tightest hiring market in decades, can even drive retention. In 6 Open Enrollment Email Tips from Our Chief Marketing Officer, our own Rick Ramos shares his best tips for writing great emails, taken from over 20 years of experience in digital marketing.

        Learn Our CMO’s Best Tips

        If your ultimate goal is a successful OE, emails are the perfect place to start. But writing the kind that perfectly balances enticement, education, and personalization is no small feat. Luckily, Rick’s made a few email mistakes. In this eBook, he’ll teach you how to avoid them. You’ll find out how to:

        • Write strategic subject lines to keep emails out of the trash
        • Use editing tools to improve more than grammar
        • Make sure your emails look good on any device
        • Include stories that spice up your writing (without overdoing it)

        In this eBook, Rick will show your HR team how to simplify tone, distill information, and leverage the power of storytelling to kick off your most successful OE yet. No previous email marketing experience required.

        Download the eBook here to get started today.

        6 Open Enrollment Email Tips - CTA

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