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        1 min read

        Broadcaster: One Tool for Efficient Benefits Communication

        Broadcaster: One Tool for Efficient Benefits Communication

        Communication is difficult. Communicating about company benefits can get even more complicated. With HealthJoy’s latest tool, Broadcaster, engaging employees and getting the most out of your benefits investment just got a whole lot easier.

        Available through the dashboard, Broadcaster makes custom in-app health and benefits communication a reality. It enables you to reach out to eligible employees efficiently and with ease via their mobile devices, where they can view your messages through the HealthJoy app.

        Use it for custom announcements about open enrollment, off-cycle benefit additions, wellness initiatives, and more.

        What is a Broadcast?

        Broadcaster is a simple and intuitive way to deliver benefits communication quickly. It allows you to send templated in-app messages to eligible employees on their most frequently used platform — their mobile device.

        A broadcast consists of a push notification and up to five corresponding messages you can send out to your employees. You have the option to direct them to select wallet cards, a web link, or to upload a file to display. Additionally, you can choose whether to create your own Broadcast or select from the provided templates.

        When can I use a broadcast?

        Use Broadcaster whenever you want employees to better understand and utilize their benefits. Launching a new benefit or service? Kicking off a new wellness initiative? Want to remind people about OE or to take advantage of mental health offerings? Broadcaster is the tool for the job.

        Craft your custom message, then schedule delivery based on the date and time that works best for you. Please note that the broadcast will send in CT time. 

        Improving Benefits Communication and Engagement CTA

        Why should I try Broadcaster?

        The tool is here to help you:

        • Reach employees on their mobile devices
        • Gain access to self-service benefits communication – with Broadcaster, it’s quick and easy to send custom announcements without any HealthJoy involvement
        • Opt for speed using our pre-written messages or choose customization by creating your own

        Check out this video to learn more about how it works, or open the dashboard to start taking advantage of this tool today.

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