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        2 min read

        Improving Employee Communications: Winter 2021 Product Updates

        Improving Employee Communications: Winter 2021 Product Updates

        This quarter’s product enhancements were rooted in our commitment to improving employee benefits communication. From the way members navigate our inbox to your ability to reach them with custom push notifications, we’ve rolled out tools that help you improve benefits understanding and awareness.

        Why? We know that effective communication is crucial to ensure that your employees get the most out of your benefits investment. Our biggest Q2 launch, a public beta of our brand-new Broadcaster tool, is live today! Broadcaster makes custom in-app communications a reality for every HealthJoy customer. That means you can send messages to your employees about open enrollment, new benefits, wellness initiatives, and so much more.

        Stay tuned for an in-depth look at Broadcaster launching on our blog very soon, and read on to learn more about what our product team was up to over the last quarter.

        A better-organized inbox

        The HealthJoy inbox is our members’ go-to location for communication from their healthcare concierge. If employees request a provider, procedure, or facility search, their details are delivered as “cards” in their inbox.

        With the launch of Broadcaster, the inbox will also be home to the notifications you push to them through the app. To improve this experience and reduce confusion, we split the inbox into two sections: Requests and Notifications. Now it’s easier for your employees to keep track of all their important messages.

        Choose your own financial notification adventure

        On the topic of financial transparency, we’ve added notification capabilities for withdrawals and deposits to financial accounts linked in the app. Employees can choose to enable alerts linked to their financial accounts.

        The feature allows members to toggle on withdrawal notifications, deposit notifications, or both. These changes can be made through the settings section in a member’s profile.

        Straight to the source for COVID-19 info

        As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, recommendations are constantly changing. To provide the most updated vaccine resources to our members, we’re going straight to a trusted source. We’ve updated the COVID-19 wallet card with links to the CDC’s latest vaccine information.

        Your employees can use these links to find updated vaccine details for their area. As always, the COVID-19 wallet card is accessed right through the HealthJoy app.

        More mental health support for members in need

        It’s been a challenging year for so many of us, and therapists and mental health professionals are in high demand. The same is true for HealthJoy Behavioral Health therapists.

        Support Employee Wellbeing

        We wanted to make it easier for our members to get the help they needed, so we’ve worked with our partners to substantially increase the capacity and availability of therapists and mental health providers accessible through our app. We’ve also added a phone number that members can call if they experience difficulty finding a behavioral health teletherapy provider with availability.

        Making marketing and education easier in the dashboard

        We know that communicating about a new benefit is a vital—and often complicated—step in the process of making it work for employees. Your HealthJoy dashboard is already a central location for everything you need to gauge plan success.

        With that in mind, we’ve made it simpler to access activation and engagement materials in the dashboard, as well. The new Marketing and Education section helps you engage employees year-round. Whether you’re launching HealthJoy, explaining it to new employees, or providing a mid-plan-year refresher, the materials in this section can help.

        We hope this quarter’s product updates inspire your own employee communications and simplify the process of helping them navigate their benefits. Stay tuned for more on Broadcaster and insight into our future product updates. 

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