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        3 min read

        How HealthJoy Saves HR Teams Hundreds of Hours Each Year

        How HealthJoy Saves HR Teams Hundreds of Hours Each Year

        What would you do if your HR department got back 142 hours? That’s nearly 18 workdays freed up for your team to tackle those items that have been piling up on your department's plate!

        Whether you would use that time to roll out a new company-wide initiative, start planning earlier for Open Enrollment or sort out the employee engagement calendar, chances are you could benefit from that extra time!

        We continue to hear how valuable it is for our HR partners to reclaim time, especially given the financial conditions many businesses are facing today. Most HR professionals are being asked to do more with less. That’s why we make it easy for teams to automate the repetitive tasks that take up so much time — — so they can focus on priority initiatives. 

        In fact – our clients save $8.80 each time an employee submits a request through the HealthJoy app!

        So, let’s take a deeper look at how HealthJoy saves HR teams 142 hours annually, per 100 employees!

        Relieving Administrative Burden

        Are you tired of having to act as a benefits help desk? 

        It can be time-consuming to answer an endless stream of repetitive questions, such as:

        • “Where can I find my insurance cards?”
        • “Is our insurance accepted by this provider?”
        • “Do you know if my plan covers this procedure?”
        • And many other familiar questions that eat up your time!

        If you’re ready to devote time to your top initiatives rather than responding to these questions, HealthJoy is here to help! 

        Here are a few ways we help your team reclaim valuable time.

        Bundling Unbundled Strategies 

        The HealthJoy app has everything employees need when searching for in-network providers, insurance cards, plan recommendations and Rx Savings.

        HealthJoy builds out layers of technical and operational integrations that make all the benefits and solutions you offer — regardless of vendor — feel like one seamless experience for employees.

        This allows our healthcare concierge team to be equipped with all the information they need to create exceptional, personalized experiences for employees and reduce the workload created by commonly asked questions and requests.

        24/7 Access to Support for Employees

        HealthJoy is available 24/7/365 to support employees with healthcare questions, challenges and concerns. 

        Here are a few ways HealthJoy helps tackle questions that would have otherwise been gone to HR teams:

        1. Health Coverage — Employees can easily access plan details, deductible status and more without needing additional help from their HR team.
        2. Virtual Wallet — Employees can easily access all their benefits vendors without needing to ask HR for help locating their insurance cards.
        3. Answering Benefits Questions — Employees can seek support from our Healthcare Concierge Team instead of going straight to their HR team with common benefits questions, but they don’t stop there. Our Healthcare Concierge team also helps steer your employees to high-quality, affordable care leading to cost savings for the employee and the plan!

        Unmatched Personalization

        The level of personalized support employees receive from HealthJoy, relieves the burden of benefits engagement for HR teams. It also allows employees to ask healthcare questions they might not feel comfortable asking their HR team. 

        By adapting to employee wants and needs, HealthJoy creates an experience that employees regularly engage with, which leads to 2-3x greater point solution utilization. 

        The insights we collect throughout an employee’s healthcare journey, along with pre-certification and claims data, are used to provide personalized care recommendations. Our app and healthcare concierge team work together to help employees achieve their unique health goals!

        Calculating These Results

        When we set out to calculate how much time we save employers, we began by looking at the data from our Healthcare Concierge team. This helpful group works with employees to surface the best in-network providers and virtual care options that fit their specific needs. 

        What we found is that on average it takes the Healthcare Concierge team 20 minutes to resolve an employee request! If it takes our team — who is trained to resolve these requests — 20 minutes, how much time is this taking up for your team?

        We then took a look at the data from 2023 and found that on average there were a total of 4.26 administrative services per member. When combining the two data points above, you find that HealthJoy is saving 1.42 hours per employee, which is equal to 142 hours per 100 employees.


        Saving HR Teams 142 Hours Annually


        To project how much time HealthJoy could save your HR team, simply plug in the number of employees your organization has into the third equation above!

        Take Back Control of Your Time

        Now that we’ve looked at the savings HealthJoy can produce — both in time and money —  let’s revisit the same question we started with: What would you do if your HR department got 142 hours back?

        If you’d like a deeper look at how HealthJoy can help you regain control of your time — while providing a benefits experience employees love — let’s connect!

        Schedule time to talk to a HealthJoy expert today.


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