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        1 min read

        Standing with Ukraine, One Year Later

        Standing with Ukraine, One Year Later

        History repeats itself. An adage that on the one year anniversary of the Ukraine-Russia war is a terrifying reminder of what incredible pain society willingly inflicts on others. Over 300,000 people have lost their lives in combat in the needless war in just a single year. That is the population of Pittsburgh, of Newark, or of Cincinnati. To put that into further perspective, the United States has lost 100,000 citizens in combat since World War II, a span of nearly 80 years. 

        Unjust. Amoral. And horrific.

        This war has been personal

        HealthJoy’s global team includes members in Ukraine. They wake up every day under the threat of bombardment, blackouts, and grief. And yet, these team members have shown a resilience that is unmatched. From working in bomb shelters or the homes of friends and families or even in darkness on backup battery systems, our team members in Ukraine not only have shown up, they have propelled our members and customers to the highest satisfaction and Application ratings in our history. Our team isn’t just surviving, they have found a way to thrive and become better leaders against all odds.

        I have spent over a decade working with team members in Ukraine across all four of my companies, with more than 70 total visits over that time. At the onset of the war, we were able to raise $1.1M through Heal our Heroes to get armor, medicine, and other supplies to the front line. I know where missiles have landed. I know the airports and the runways that were bombarded. And it has been heartbreaking to see a country that had done so well, that had been fighting corruption, that had been improving the lives of its citizens, to be now thrust back into the past; throwing the globe into a new version of a cold war with an age-old enemy.

        The Ukraine people as a whole have kept a nation three times their size at bay, winning decisive victories and protecting their homeland. From maintaining strong connections through all means necessary and building a culture of preparedness, our HealthJoy team in Ukraine has shown more grit than anyone could have ever asked for.

        I am proud of our Ukrainian team

        it is a stark reminder of the nobility of the work we do. Because if our team over there can wake up every morning to help push towards our vision of a simpler healthcare experience, then it must be a job worth doing.

        Slava Ukraini

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