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        HealthJoy Integrations

        3 min read

        Using HealthJoy to Manage Dental and Vision Benefits

        Using HealthJoy to Manage Dental and Vision Benefits | HealthJoy

        Dental and vision benefits are in some ways the forgotten pens at the back of our junk drawer. They’re there, and they work, but we often forget to use them.

        Yet both are notably important to overall health and, when ignored, can cause other health complications. According to a survey from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, 12.9% of US adults had vision trouble in 2018. In 2019, 22% of adults with dental coverage didn’t see a dentist in the previous 12 months (that’s pre-COVID). Studies show a correlation between gum disease and heart disease, indicating good oral health benefits our physical health. And anyone who’s developed a headache from staring at their screen too long can attest to the importance of vision to our overall wellness.

        The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly complicated our access to in-person care, but whenever you decide to use your dental and vision benefits, HealthJoy will be ready to help in a few key ways.

        Review Your Benefits in the App

        The HealthJoy app helps you quickly and easily find and access all your employee benefits. When you open the app, you can navigate to your wallet to see a card for each benefit, like health insurance, pet insurance, and retirement accounts. The wallet is where you’ll find a card for any dental or vision accounts in which you’ve enrolled.

        To see your benefit details, you just need to tap one of the cards. It will show the most critical information you need to use your benefits, such as deductible amounts, coverage amounts, and the cost of glasses or contacts.

        If you still have questions, our healthcare concierge team can help.

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        Chat with a concierge about your benefits

        As soon as your company chooses to work with HealthJoy, our team gets to work learning about your benefits. They’re ready to answer questions about what’s covered, whether the provider around the corner is in-network, and how soon you can buy new eyeglasses.

        If you have any questions about your benefits or what they cover, chatting with our expert team can help you get clarity before making a healthcare decision that costs too much. To chat with a concierge, simply open the app and tap “Chat.” Tell our assistant, JOY, that you have questions about your benefits, and she’ll connect you to a concierge.

        Find providers and schedule appointments through the app

        When you’re ready for a visit, HealthJoy can help you take the guesswork out of finding an in-network, high-quality provider. Whether you’re looking for a vision or dental exam, need to find a new primary care provider, or are searching for a specialist, HealthJoy will perform a thorough search on your behalf.

        We take all your preferences, including location and appointment times, into account when searching for a provider. We’ll send you a few recommendations that meet your criteria, and if you like our suggestions, we can even schedule the appointment on your behalf.

        Get after-hours help through telemedicine

        If you need an after-hours provider, the HealthJoy app can connect you with a telemedicine appointment 24/7/365. Our board-certified medical providers chat with you over a video chat, provide a diagnosis and treatment, or help you decide when it’s time to seek other care.

        Starting your journey for urgent care with a HealthJoy telemedicine appointment can save you time, travel, and money. You can read about how our telemedicine feature helped James navigate after-hours care during the pandemic in this member story.

        Let HealthJoy review your dental and vision bills

        After your visit, HealthJoy can help you make sure you don’t pay more than you owe. If the provider or insurance issues a confusing bill—or just want peace of mind—our Bill Review team can help. Simply navigate to the menu and tap “Medical Bill Review.” JOY will guide you through a series of steps, including uploading a photo of the bill or Explanation of Benefits (EOB), to get started.

        We helped our member Carah track down nearly $1,400 in refunds for dental services. Carah’s endodontist charged her upfront right after her surgery, but she knew she shouldn’t be required to pay the full amount. She quickly submitted a Bill Review request, and our team worked to help her uncover her full refund.

        Check the app for reminders about routine care

        We all forget to schedule appointments. It’s even more complicated when we’re unsure where to go for care. HealthJoy’s messages can help prompt you to schedule routine healthcare visits, and they make it easy to start a Provider Search, Procedure Search, or Facility Search right away. To receive our reminders, make sure you’ve downloaded the app and turned on push notifications.

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