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        2 min read

        Why TPAs and HealthJoy Make a Great Team

        Why TPAs and HealthJoy Make a Great Team | HealthJoy

        HealthJoy TPA+ offers an exciting opportunity for Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) to differentiate their offering with an agile, tech-forward solution. 

        We launched HealthJoy TPA+ in the fall of 2020 with three pioneering partners: Auxiant, The Loomis Company, and Coastal Administrative Services (CAS). We’re excited to expand our innovative tech to more partners and clients in 2021. HealthJoy TPA+ brings claims, insurance verification, and precertification data together in our simple, smart benefits experience platform. We think the results are revolutionary.

        With that in mind, I’d love to share why HealthJoy and TPA’s make a fantastic team.

        We help you achieve data-driven personalization at scale

        HealthJoy TPA+ tackles two of the biggest problems your clients face: the rising cost of healthcare and the difficulty of guiding employees toward smart healthcare choices. It enables personalization at scale. We use the wealth of pre-certification and pre-authorization data you collect to proactively contact members on the cusp of making costly healthcare choices, then automatically review their plans to find opportunities for savings. From there, our AI assistant, JOY reaches out—either to congratulate them on a good decision or encourage a better one. HealthJoy TPA+ makes data-driven healthcare navigation a reality for all members.

        “Partnering with HealthJoy was an obvious choice because of its potential to increase member engagement as we execute our broker partner’s strategy,” said Adam Brown, Vice President of Sales at CAS.

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        We help you stand out

        Our market is missing a solution that puts outstanding service, analytic insights, and personalization together. HealthJoy TPA+ helps you stand out with a sleek interface, friendly, round-the-clock assistance from JOY, and of course, AI-powered outreach that puts your wealth of data to good use. Once they see our solution at work, your clients (and prospects) will be blown away. HealthJoy TPA+ is the innovative tech solution they’ve been missing.

        “I’ve never in my career rolled out a program that had so much interest quickly,” said Debbie Hayes, Vice President of Sales at Loomis.

        Of course, standing out is only valuable if you can follow through with a sticky solution.

        We make your offering stickier

        HealthJoy makes your offering stickier by improving the experience for employees, HR, and brokers. Once HealthJoy is part of their package, it becomes the center of an employee’s benefits experience. Their healthcare, vision, dental, wellness, retirement benefits, and more are all available in the app. As their plan year goes on, we work to draw them back again and again. Our concierge team gets to know their plan, helping answer questions that once took hours of HR’s time.

        The data we get from our TPA partners goes to work ensuring a smooth member experience and a stickier offering. By embedding TPA insights into our core platform, we ensure healthcare is more affordable, transparent, and even more enjoyable for members. When employees are happier with their healthcare benefits, HR can breathe a sigh of relief. Through a monthly claims integration, clients see reporting that shows a new level of insight into employee behavior, member engagement, and how it fuels cost-containment strategies.

        “HealthJoy can drive better choices ahead of healthcare events, and when we show our clients how that proactive process cuts their healthcare spend, they’re blown away,” said Joe Holt, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Auxiant.

        Together, we’re driving better health outcomes for our clients

        TPA’s have unprecedented access to employee healthcare data. When combined with our simple and smart benefits experience platform, we can leverage that data to help employees find better healthcare at a fair price.

        That drives a better employee benefits and healthcare experience for all. In short, we think HealthJoy TPA+ is the future of employee benefits. We hope you agree.

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