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        What are HealthJoy’s JOY Campaign Journeys?

        What are HealthJoy's JOY Campaign Journeys? | HealthJoy

        The benefits space is flooded with point solutions aiming to solve a single problem. From EAP and telemedicine to international pharmacy offerings and second opinion services, one big issue hinders their success: employees don’t use them as frequently as we want. In most cases, they’re mentioned during open enrollment and forgotten within weeks.

        The same is true of cost-containment efforts. Your onsite clinic and annual biometric screening can only drive down costs if employees know they exist. Given that benefits communication usually relies on unopened flyers, emails, and posters, this strategy places an enormous burden on HR.

        HealthJoy’s healthcare navigation platform offers clients an innovative solution: JOY Campaigns. These automated and personalized communications drive engagement and keep all the benefits offered on your plan top-of-mind.

        How JOY Campaigns work

        A journey is a series of custom communications designed to educate members and prompt action. Our monthly campaigns might encourage members to get a flu shot, remind them to complete an annual biometric screening, or cover annual awareness topics like breast cancer.

        Other JOY journeys are core functions of the app, designed to deliver provider recommendations, begin a Bill Review, or discover prescription savings.

        For example, we send every member a monthly campaign journey. A typical monthly campaign starts with a push notification that, when clicked, draws the user into the app. Our virtual assistant, JOY, will then lead them through a series of messages, usually aimed at prompting an action like booking an appointment, scheduling a screening, or reviewing a prescription for savings.

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        example of a preventive care campaign

        Below is an example of a preventive care campaign. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to book an annual wellness visit. Once the member clicks through to the app, they begin to chat with JOY.

        The messages they see are short, clear, and direct. JOY always intersperses messages with response requests designed to drive engagement or customize the journey’s response.

        Some campaigns, like those for an annual exam or flu shot, are sent to your entire member population. Others might be segmented to match your user base. For instance, we ping employees over 50 with a message about colon cancer screening, women with a message about breast cancer awareness, and men with reminders about men’s health during “Movember.”

        After finishing this JOY campaign, members’ requests go to our healthcare concierge team, which follows up on any requests. Often, JOY will try to steer members to lower-cost options on her own (see HealthJoy Accelerates Your Cost-Containment Strategy).

        Custom responses allow us to provide even more customization for members at scale. A campaign usually functions a bit like a “choose your own adventure” story, allowing members to pick the next step.

        Below, we’ve included an example of how we map out our campaign journeys before development. You’ll see how personalized—and intelligent—these campaigns become!

        Why JOY Campaigns work

        Journeys helped us drive industry-leading activation and utilization. Our telemedicine benefit utilization rate, for instance, is typically around 12-15%—nearly five times the industry average. Clients regularly see activation rates above 60%.

        JOY campaigns are one of the things that make those metrics possible.

        For one thing, campaigns make use of the best benefits engagement tool you probably haven’t used: push notifications. Unlike email, push notifications are native to the phones employees regularly use. They’re good at cutting through the noise and prompting action in a way benefits booklets, posters, and corporate communications can’t.

        For another, campaigns draw members back into our app. We help clients promote a specific cost-containment strategy and drive savings. Campaigns also serve the purpose of reminding employees about your other benefits. Once members are in the app, they’re only a few taps from their benefits wallet. There, they’ll find details on all their other benefits, from 401k to dental. In this way, JOY campaigns and our centralized benefits experience work together to drive the utilization of all your benefits.

        JOY Campaigns are an integral part of every member’s HealthJoy experience. Schedule a demo to learn more about how HealthJoy can help your company today.

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