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        6 min read

        Why We Were Thankful for HR in 2020

        Why We Were Thankful for HR in 2020 | HealthJoy

        What else can we say about working in 2020? There was upheaval at work, at home, and in every corner of our lives. We balanced priorities and tried to manage the impossible on a daily basis. This year, we asked our HR teams to juggle all this in their own lives while tending to the needs of their people.

        In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I asked my HealthJoy teammates about the ways, big and small, that our own People Operations team has navigated us through a (insert your chosen adjective here) year.

        HR, this post is for you: for all the support you’ve provided this year, all the ways you’ve helped us work through the unexpected, and all the efforts you’ve made to lift our spirits.

        I am SO grateful for our People Ops team as we wrap up an especially challenging year. Not only has this team helped CS hire and onboard 7 new team members 100% remotely, but they have also been so creative and consistent in providing morale-boosting opportunities as we have navigated through such an uncertain year. The virtual breakout game rooms, cooking and mindfulness/yoga sessions, and light conversations in our company Slack have all helped us maintain a strong sense of ongoing connection and support with our peers. We can’t thank you enough!! 

        Sarah Holland, Manager, Customer Success

        The reason I’m thankful for the People Ops team is that I have never worked with such kind and selfless people throughout my career. Through all the chaos and craziness of COVID/working remote/recruiting and onboarding all our new employees, they always put their personal stresses/worries second, and put HealthJoy and its employees first. They are so concerned about our employees’ happiness and satisfaction, and it permeates every action and decision they make. They are remarkable women that I’m honored to get to work with!

        Brad Aaron, Chief Operating Officer

        Our Chicago People Operations Team

        I’m thankful for People Ops because they helped me through the recruiting and onboarding process 100% remotely. It was a smooth process. Also – I’m thankful for People Ops because they’re helping me find a fantastic PMM hire and are kicking butt at it (all while hiring TONS of other people).

        Jaclyn Rose, Product Marketing Manager

        I’m grateful for our People Ops team’s help filling vacancies for our department despite the colossal workload and implementing a health insurance program.

        Natalie Fedotova, Finance Manager

        Our Europe People Operations Team

        The People Ops Team cares so much for HealthJoy’s employees and it is evident in everything they do. Last winter during the busy season, I remember one particularly stressful day, a few of the individuals from People Ops surprised our team with coffee and treats in the morning. It lifted our team’s spirits and just showed how the team continuously goes above and beyond to care for each team and individual in our company. This past spring, some of the People Ops team members took extra time to help research monitors that would work in my small WFH space and made sure that each member of our team had everything they needed to keep renewing and launching clients without missing a beat. I am so thankful for the thoughtfulness and work the team does above and beyond their daily roles!

        Anna Gokey, Implementation Manager

        As a new employee, I appreciated the 30/60/90 day check-ins. It helped to make sure that my onboarding was as smooth as possible. Also, the team does such a great job of making sure we all stay connected while working remotely with virtual yoga breaks, happy hours, trivia, etc.

        Kenisha Baxter, Sales Manager

        Thanks to our People Ops team for finding ways to do it all. You find and hire talented, kind people, you bring them in and make them feel welcome and you check in with them along the way to make sure they’re getting the support that they need. I’ve personally felt the warmth and helpfulness of our People Ops team with check-ins and training sessions which remind me that they’re around if I need anything.

        Niral Patel, Product Manager

        I am so thankful for our People Ops team! I’m thankful for Courtney because has been such a great role model and leader since my first interview with HealthJoy. She has such a powerful way of connecting with people and making them feel special. Forever thankful that she took a chance on me to join the HealthJoy team. I’m thankful for Mallory because she is always on top of her game and looking out for everyone’s best interest. I am super appreciative of all the hard work she puts into making HealthJoy, HealthJoy. I’m thankful for Meg because she is a rockstar of a leader. Whether it’s scheduling individual one on ones to see how I’m doing or helping out the team with any needs, she is always willing to listen and help out. I’m thankful for Chelsey because she came into her role at HealthJoy and instantly connected with me. I’m thankful for the conversations we’ve had so far and can’t wait to continue to watch what she does at HealthJoy.

        Katherine Killian, Senior Sales Development Representative

        The People Ops team has truly put the people (employees) first during these uncertain times with increased efforts in hiring the best talent, safe in-person meetups, virtual hangouts, and lunch and learns. For instance, Chelsey helped the Finance Team hire an accounting intern even though her plate was already full. Mallory goes to the office regularly to pick up customer checks and deposit them at the bank. I’m really grateful for their help!

        Brian Reynolds, Senior Accountant

        There is so much coordination and communication for getting new hires prepared for their first day, especially while everyone is working remotely and tech is in high demand. Mallory has shown incredible flexibility and thoughtfulness in transferring some aspects of the process to me and altering her own to accommodate security needs and our growth as a company. It has been so pleasant to work more closely with Mallory and Loren to make sure new hires feel welcome!

        Sarah Tam, Compliance Analyst

        We can’t say enough about the People Ops Team! From scheduling such great summer events this past year, to being a sounding board to help managers support teams this year, to countless hours of support on hiring—People Ops has provided tremendous support. We’re so thankful for you, People Ops!

        Sarina Asher, Director, Customer Success

        I’m grateful for the HealthJoy People Ops team. They’ve provided fun and creative ways to keep our remote teams connected. I especially appreciated the trivia! In 2020, human connection is paramount.

        Aime Landaburu, Sales Director

        The People Ops team helped us TRIPLE our amazing team and made it a breeze for us while doing it!! Recruiting, interview prep, onboarding help – they do it all!

        Connor Shefte, Implementation Manager

        I’m thankful to Mallory for creating and organizing a full schedule of small, in-person meetups this summer. It was so great to see HealthJoy’ers in person during this challenging summer! I’m also thankful to Courtney for recruiting our fleet of amazing new hires! Lastly, to the entire People Ops org, I’m thankful for how they keep the HealthJoy spirit and culture alive, even when we are all apart.

        Katrina Slavik, Implementation Manager

        Our People Ops team is just incredible. Reading the responses from my coworkers gave me so much insight into the projects they’ve gracefully juggled this year. I’ve felt uplifted by their attitudes and their support, and I love collaborating with every single member of the team. If they didn’t know how grateful we were before, I hope they do now!

        Claire Wiseman Imber, Senior Content Specialist

        I would like to thank the People Ops team for being extremely instrumental in recruiting our two newest Bill Review Specialists/Healthcare Advocates. Additionally, People Ops has been supportive in the onboarding process, as well as checking in with us as a team to ensure we have all the necessary tools to be successful in our personal and professional endeavors.  Thank you so much People Ops, for all that you do for HealthJoy as a whole!

        Angelique Williams, Healthcare Bill Review Team Lead

        Mallory and Courtney made it such a smooth, informative, and friendly onboarding experience. I didn’t realize I was one of 20+ people Courtney had hired in August because I did not feel like a number. She listened to every word, was very responsive and respectful of my time, and spoke so highly of working at HealthJoy. Now I understand why.

        Blaire Staff, Customer Success Manager

        Starting a new job remotely (and during COVID-19) can be stressful, but the HR team made it as easy and fun as possible. From their built out onboarding process to their friendly check-ins, they’ve truly made me feel welcome and prepared to be a part of the team!

        Katie Pratt, Senior Communications Specialist

        I am very thankful for the kindness and warmth showed to me during the recruiting and interview process. From the first conversation I had with the People Ops team, I felt the nurturing culture of HealthJoy and it only continued once I was able to officially become a part of the company. They made the virtual new job process far exceed my expectations.

        Courteney Grosser, Customer Success Specialist

        The People Ops team is constantly thinking about the mental health and wellbeing of their fellow HealthJoy colleagues. With what has been a very stressful Q4 and year, the People Ops team is always there to listen on top of their work and projects they have going on. Without the People Ops team, our culture would not be possible.

        Ryan Schneider, Senior Customer Success Manager

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