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        Expanding Our Reach: Summer 2022 HealthJoy Product Updates

        Expanding Our Reach: Summer 2022 HealthJoy Product Updates

        Summertime is here, so you know what that means: more time at the pool, cookouts with friends, and this quarter’s newest releases from HealthJoy. Maybe that last one caught you off guard, but we’re that excited to tell you about some of our latest product enhancements. At the heart of this quarter’s updates are initiatives focused on simplicity, and extending our mission of finding the right benefits at the right moment to even more clients.

        We won’t save our best for last or create any suspense. Our biggest announcement for Q3 is an innovative partnership with Teladoc, the nationwide leader in virtual healthcare visits.

        New Partner, Wider Reach

        We’re excited to announce our partnership with Teladoc, which will officially be available to members starting January 1, 2023. This partnership will allow us to integrate Teladoc's product suite into the HealthJoy app to create a one stop solution for employees. This will enable us to easily steer members from the moment they have a health need all the way through enrollment.

        We recognize that implementing a new healthcare solution for your workforce is a major challenge. After you jump the hurdle of implementation, how do you ensure employees are engaged? 

        We’re making this easier through a connected healthcare experience. 

        “By serving as the central access point to care, educating members about the services available and proactively steering members to these programs whenever appropriate, HealthJoy ensures its customers can deliver new programs and drive real results,” HealthJoy President Doug Morse-Schindler said.“Partnering with Teladoc Health allows our members to more easily access high-value care.”


        This partnership also enables HealthJoy to provide employers with solutions that address whole person health and help them tackle challenges related to care affordability and delivery. When clients expand their benefits package through HealthJoy, they get access to the program engagement without taking on any additional administrative burden.

        Here’s how members will benefit from this partnership:

        Seamless Enrollment

        To maximize enrollment in these programs, HealthJoy partners with many of the top care vendors that provide these solutions. Our platform guides members to these programs and our deep integrations streamline the process of getting members enrolled.

        Expanding Our Reach - Specialized Program Expansion

        Specialized Program Expansion

        Through this partnership, we’ll be able to expand the virtual care programs we offer to employers. These new programs are:

        • Chronic Care Plus (diabetes, hypertension, prediabetes)

        • Primary360 (virtual primary care)

        • Expert Medical Services (second opinions, coming in 2023)

        New call-to-action

        Preview Before Sending on Broadcaster

        Our Broadcaster tool allows HR teams to easily send push notifications and in-app messages about important benefits iniatives. By using Broadcaster, employers can easily engage employees and maximize their benefits investment. But the thought of sending custom communications to your whole organization can be stressful. What if there’s a typo or information that needs updating? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

        With HealthJoy's new Broadcaster Preview, HR teams can preview what their broadcast will look like directly in the Broadcaster workflow before scheduling their broadcast. The result? Enhanced peace of mind when they click send.

        Benefits Preview

        With our new Benefits Preview capabilities, the implementation and renewal review process has never been simpler for our clients.

        Clients can now easily preview all the different combinations of medical, dental, and vision plans and see how they’ll appear for members in the HealthJoy app.

        More To Come 

        As always, our team is hard at work trying to find new ways to simplify the complex and connect people to the care they need, when they need it. Stay tuned to the HealthJoy Blog for the latest news, and we hope your summer is off to a great start.

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