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        2 min read

        Driving Results Through Innovation: HealthJoy's Q1 Product Updates

        Driving Results Through Innovation: HealthJoy's Q1 Product Updates

        Delivering joy is one of the core values here at HealthJoy. For us this means focusing on the impact of your work, knowing that the little details matter, and striving to exceed expectations. 

        I believe this is the value that our team has exemplified this quarter, and I’m excited to update you on the impactful product enhancements that have taken place just two months into the year. 

        On the employee side, these updates don’t just expand the options available they provide high-quality care that can provide life-changing benefits. And on the employer side, we continue to sharpen our industry-leading steerage and redirections to drive meaningful cost reductions. Now, let’s dive into the details of these updates.

        Expansion of marketplace

        We’re excited to expand our offerings through our partnership with Teladoc Health, a global leader in whole-person virtual healthcare. This partnership enables us to provide additional options for the wide-array of needs for both the employers and employees we serve.

        We now offer members the following virtual care programs:

        • Urgent care needs
        • Dermatology
        • Nutrition
        • Tobacco cessation
        • Therapy and medication management via psychiatry
        • Pre-diabetes and diabetes
        • Hypertension
        • Weight management

        New virtual care programs were rolled out to members on January 1, 2023, and we’re encouraged by the results and feedback that we’ve already received around these additions.

        In the new programming list above, you’ll find programs that address employees' top health concerns, such as mental health. According to a 2022 survey from the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM),1 88% of HR professionals believe offering mental health services can increase productivity, while 86% believe offering these services can boost retention. So, like many of the expanded programs, it’s a true win-win for employees and employers alike.

        Through expansion of our marketplace, we’re able to maximize benefits engagement among the programs that address the top concerns of employers and employees. 

        Greater visibility into member behavior and health spend savings

        Last year, we updated our cost savings calculations. The updates to the Dashboard will reflect the new calculation, which includes steerage and updates to the Bill Review savings value.

        This quarter we’re adding on to those enhancements and will also include Virtual MSK Therapy savings and pre-certification redirects as part of the ROI calculations for everyone who implemented those solutions with HealthJoy. We’re also updating how we present our program savings to align with the new "Health Spend Savings" calculation that quantifies the value of provider and facility recommendations.

        The Dashboard will also dive deeper into the utilization of Enhanced Navigation and MSK enrollments, giving you access to key information on these programs. This is the first release of many Dashboard enhancements planned for 2023.

        Redirects to employee-sponsored programs

        HealthJoy’s Find Care feature can now support redirects to employer-sponsored programs such as onsite clinics and other offline medical services. This significantly advances employer goals for engagement with benefits beyond the medical plan. Redirects to HealthJoy’s programs will receive a significant user interface (UI) improvement later this quarter. This includes Virtual MSK Therapy, Teladoc Health, and more.

        The enhancements allow us to drive further engagement to existing programs, supporting employers’ benefits strategies while reducing overall healthcare spend for members. We’re always looking to provide updates like this that can be a true win-win for employees and employers alike.

        Until next time

        Thanks as always for your continued support of HealthJoy and for checking out our latest product enhancements. We're already hard at work on our next batch of improvements that aim to provide significant value to you and your employees, in savings, user experience, and quality of care. Until then, we hope these updates will deliver some serious value and a bit of joy along the way.

        And in case you missed it, be sure to check out the new ways we're personalizing the member onboarding experience with HealthJoy Insights: Member Health Goals.

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