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        3 min read

        Expanded Programming, Impactful Results: HealthJoy’s Q4 Product Updates

        Expanded Programming, Impactful Results: HealthJoy’s Q4 Product Updates

        As we enter the final quarter of the year, I thought it would be a great time to check in and provide updates on all the exciting initiatives the Product team is working on here at HealthJoy.

        And we certainly have a lot to catch up on since we last talked in Q1!  

        So today, I’ll provide some updates on topics that we’ve touched on before  — such as further enhancements to our engagement and personalization capabilities — and give you a sneak peek at a brand new way we’re addressing chronic pain head-on.

        But before we look ahead, let’s take a quick look at all that’s happened over the past few months:

        • Expanded our virtual care marketplace to include: Adolescent Mental Health and Virtual Primary Care – both powered by Teladoc Health
        • Improved eligibility imports and maintenance processes to reduce the administrative burden faced by HR teams
        • Continuous reporting enhancements to the Dashboard for additional insights into member behavior

        Now, let’s dive into a few of the latest product updates and look ahead to what’s coming in Q4.

        Coming in December: Pelvic Health Programming to Virtual MSK Therapy

        Studies show that one in five people will suffer from a pelvic floor disorder at some point in their lifetime. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the following symptoms may present for individuals with a pelvic floor disorder:

        • Frequently needing to use the bathroom
        • Constipation
        • Leaking stool or urine (incontinence)
        • Painful urination
        • Feeling pain in your lower back with no other cause
        • Feeling ongoing pain in your pelvic region, genitals, or rectum — with or without a bowel movement

        It’s also estimated that up to half of the people who experience long-term constipation also have pelvic floor dysfunction. Unfortunately, the problems caused by pelvic floor issues extend beyond physical discomfort. According to the National Library of Medicine, "Women who have pelvic floor dysfunction can also have high levels of depression and anxiety, and experience low mood and emotional distress, impacting their quality of life.”

        Our team saw the prevalence (and pain) of these issues and got to work to create brand new programming around pelvic floor disorders.

        In addition to our current back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, hand, wrist, elbow, ankle, and foot programs, employers with HealthJoy Virtual MSK Therapy can add Pelvic Floor Therapy to their benefits package starting in December 2023. 

        This solution will help employers offer more inclusive wellness programs while helping avoid high-cost surgeries. This provides a win-win that helps employees live pain-free lives, and be their best selves at work.

        It’s so energizing for our team to expand our Virtual MSK Therapy program because we’ve seen firsthand how it can provide quick, effective pain relief. And with our latest expansion, members can now get relief from numerous pelvic floor disorders. 

        Common disorders include:

        • Pelvic pain
        • Pelvic organ prolapse
        • Pelvic urinary incontinence
        • Pelvic fecal incontinence

        Please reach out to your HealthJoy contact, or click here to learn more about Virtual MSK Therapy and this exciting new programming! 

        Enhanced Health Recommendations in the Chronic Care Management Experience

        At HealthJoy, the more tailored the recommendation we provide, the better. It’s not just our philosophy, it’s a data-backed approach to engaging with all of our members to provide care they’ll utilize. Not only do these personalized recommendations save members money, but they add up over time and translate to major savings for employers.

        These health recommendations are available to your entire population – tailored to their individual goals, preferences, and needs. More personalization equals more utilization.

        With recent enhancements to HealthJoy's personalization capabilities, we’re able to leverage data based on medical claims to conduct automated outreach for weight management, hypertension, and diabetes. We can accomplish all of this without human intervention through the app which has resulted in greater reach.

        In Q4, diabetic, hypertensive, and pre-diabetics members will receive targeted recommendations to enroll in our Chronic Care program on the homescreen of their HealthJoy app. This is based on their member health goal questionnaire responses and medical history.

        Until Next Time

        What a year it’s been so far. We’ve been able to expand and enhance nearly all of our existing offerings, while adding a new host of programs to make HealthJoy the most comprehensive solution it can be for employers and members. 

        If you’re a HealthJoy customer, member, or partner and you see an improvement that we can make to the HealthJoy experience, please reach out! Our team greatly values this sort of feedback, especially from active users of the HealthJoy app.

        If you’re new to HealthJoy, please feel free to reach out. We’d love to connect and show you how we deliver 2.7x - 3.5x first-year ROI and an average member satisfaction score of 94!

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