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        How Does Captive Insurance Work and What are the Benefits?

        Captive insurance and the way firms advertise it can seem mysterious. In reality, captives are not all that different from self-insuring. By creating...

        Most expensive drugs in the US for employers

        It seems unbelievable, but the monthly cost of supplying some of these drugs costs more than the average car.

        Why Office Workers Need Healthcare Guidance

        Modern work environments with schedules that require over a 40 hour work week can make it challenging to plan doctor’s appointments during the...

        How To Select The Right Telemedicine Company

        For your employees and their families, virtual care is more accessible, normal, and top-of-mind than ever. That's a big shift from just a few years...

        PEOs: Is Outsourcing Human Resources the Answer?

        Human resource administration can act as a significant drag on small to midsize companies, often affecting their bottom line. Professional...

        PBMs: What Employers Need to Know

        Prescription drugs have become an increasing source of a company’s annual health insurance rate increases. Without tackling prescription spend, it’s...

        Sick of Rising Prescription Costs? Save Big with these Rx Strategies

        “Complicated problems require complicated solutions,” and healthcare is no exception. Most employers cannot invest the time to learn about the...

        How a “Millennial” Benefits Advisor Sees the Employer Healthcare Space

        Benefits specialist Matt White has embraced his role as a “Millennial” benefits advisor. After hearing countless CFO’s repeat the defeatist mantra of...

        Patient Advocate Success Story: Rx Savings

        Every day we talk to hundreds of members about a wide variety of issues. One of the issues we constantly help with is medication. Prescription...

        Coalitions: The Secret to Reducing Employee Benefits Cost?

        This post provides an introduction to funding in a coalition, also known as captive-funding, and discusses best practices from leaders in the...

        Why Baby Boomers are Flocking to Healthcare Apps

        Baby Boomer (ages 51-69) adoption of smartphones continues to accelerate despite the generation being typically slower to adopt technology.

        How to Buy Health Insurance for a Small Business

        Last year my good friend was starting a new business. He loved his idea and couldn’t wait to start growing, selling and expanding. But he also...

        Why Technology Isn’t Replacing Insurance Brokers

        Imagine every morning you get ready to leave your home and have absolutely no idea what the weather will be. You don’t know yesterday’s...

        HMO vs PPO – Which is Better?

        Selecting the best health plan option for you and your family can be a confusing task if you are unfamiliar with or don’t understand the ins and...

        What does a Pharmacist REALLY do?

        When we think of pharmacists, most of us probably have an image of a person who exists only behind the counter at your local drug store. You approach...