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        eBook: Sustaining Telemedicine’s Momentum in 2021

        eBook: Sustaining Telemedicine’s Momentum in 2021

        Before COVID-19, telemedicine benefits suffered low utilization and lagging adoption, especially on carrier platforms. But we witnessed its resurgence during worldwide shutdowns, when its ease of use, low barriers to care, and cost savings made it too convenient to ignore.

        In an ongoing effort to provide the most up-to-date resources to simplify the benefits experience, HealthJoy is delighted to share our 2021 edition of The Telemedicine Buying Blueprint.

        Employees have a newfound appreciation for telemedicine that will last long after reopening is complete. Our Telemedicine Pulse Survey revealed that the pandemic pushed many people to try telemedicine for the first time — and more than half of those reported that this year, they will seek virtual options for all routine healthcare services and go in-person specifically for services that can’t be done virtually.

        This preference has wide-ranging implications for teams hoping to support employees through virtual care. It indicates a sense of ease and comfort with these services and shows that now is the time for HR to make telemedicine’s value clear.

        Maintaining Telemedicine’s Momentum for Your People

        At a time of great uncertainty and optimism, telemedicine’s future remains unfailingly promising. Employees are turning to this solution like never before. The question for HR is: How can you make the most of this momentum to drive utilization and improve employee outcomes?

        Our latest telemedicine eBook is a step-by-step blueprint to doing just that. It will show your HR team what to look for in a telemedicine vendor, how to get employees excited about telemedicine, and even provides a handy checklist to help with implementation.

        Download the eBook here to start shopping for a better telemedicine solution today.

        The Telemedicine Buying Blueprint

        Telemedicine & High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs): The Full Story

        Telemedicine & High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs): The Full Story

        High deductible health plans (HDHPs) offer employees lower premiums in exchange for bearing a higher burden of out-of-pocket costs. They’re often a...

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        Why Telemedicine Use is Skyrocketing

        Telemedicine use is growing at an exponential rate.

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        How JOY Drives Telemedicine Utilization

        How JOY Drives Telemedicine Utilization

        Our namesake, JOY, is a little chatbot with a big job. She’s at the center of our app experience welcoming our members, gathering information, and...

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