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        Introducing HealthJoy’s Virtual MSK Care

        Introducing HealthJoy’s Virtual MSK Care

        Chronic pain can be a pain. For an estimated 126.6 million Americans suffering from a musculoskeletal (MSK) condition, finding a better way to increase functional movement while reducing chronic discomfort can be frustrating and expensive.

        In the battle to find relief, employees often turn to high-cost surgeries and ineffective treatments. To combat this problem, which drives an estimated $213 billion in claims each year, HealthJoy is pleased to announce the launch of our Virtual MSK Care program.

        Created through the acquisition of Rekinetics — the only MSK program applying neuroscience to exercise therapy — our latest addition to the HealthJoy app gives a practical, personalized, and accessible alternative to pain management and physical care. Our team of highly trained coaches and connected healthcare platform allow us to leverage the power of technology and expert support to drive higher adherence and better member outcomes. HealthJoy Virtual MSK Care makes the journey to a pain-free path more accessible for every employee.

        What Is MSK?

        According to the World Health Organization (WHO), MSK issues are typically characterized by often persistent pain and limitations in mobility, dexterity, and overall level of functioning — which affect a person’s ability to work. Low back pain, in particular, is the main contributor to the overall burden of musculoskeletal conditions and the reason for a premature exit out of the workforce. In fact, MSK-related conditions account for $213 billion in annual treatment, care, and lost wages, making it the third-highest source of claims spend for 85% of employers.

        Our virtual exercise therapy program is specifically designed to help our members overcome pain without medication and avoid invasive procedures, specifically surgeries, that don’t often work. Did we mention it’s highly personalized? Each member is paired with a personal coach, who designs a custom program and helps guide the individual through the various movements. The relationship members build with their coach creates accountability, which in turn drives adherence.

        In our beta program, members are already finding real relief. Participants reported an 82% reduction in their pain levels, 85% increase in function improvement, and 95% member satisfaction.

        But the program is also about supporting the member’s other needs, too. While technology certainly enables us to lower barriers to care, our people make it possible to assist members throughout their care journey and help them achieve better health outcomes. Our healthcare concierge team can steer members to the program when searching for correlated care to drive benefit awareness and utilization.

        We also know that those suffering from MSK conditions are also likely to deal with mental health concerns, like depression. Our MSK coaches can help guide members to take advantage of other existing benefits, like an EAP or behavioral health offering, if the member is showing signs of poor mental health.

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        When Can They Use It?

        The program was designed to fit into any employee’s schedule with ease. No more driving to appointments or leaving home. Unlike in-person physical therapy, our digital-first solution enables members to participate anytime, from anywhere. We only require 15 minutes per day, five days a week. They won’t need any equipment and will be able to review their assigned exercises whenever they like from the HealthJoy portal.

        If members need modifications, the member’s coach is available to adjust movements in their programming.

        Why Should They Try It?

        HealthJoy’s Virtual MSK Care is here to help your employees:

        • Reduce pain
        • Improve mobility
        • Avoid surgical alternatives

        Back and joint pain are common complaints among adults in the US, yet the primary strategies to address them are costly, inconvenient, invasive, and often ineffective. Through our Virtual MSK Care program, members can access a no-cost, noninvasive and effective treatment from home or on the go.

        Whether an employee is an acute or chronic pain sufferer, the program can help significantly reduce pain levels without resorting to addictive medications, costly surgeries, or inconvenient in-person PT.

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