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        Springing Into Innovation: Spring 2022 HealthJoy Product Updates

        Springing Into Innovation: Spring 2022 HealthJoy Product Updates

        Here at HealthJoy, we’re always looking for innovative ways to improve the member experience. Over the past few months, our product team has been hard at work on key enhancements to evolve our connected healthcare navigation platform so that it continues to anticipate members’ needs and help them lead happier and healthier lives. 

        From introducing the next-generation of provider search tools, to optimizations that make our virtual assistant, JOY, smarter and more intuitive, we’re thrilled to share our latest product updates and what’s in store for the year ahead.

        Have Questions? JOY Has Answers HealthJoy Chat Automation Upgrade

        Health insurance is complex, and sometimes it can leave members even more confused than when they started. For our latest enhancement, our virtual assistant, JOY, now kicks off the conversation by providing a list of topics for members to choose from. Of course, members can still connect with a live healthcare concierge, however, this improvement allows JOY to guide members more efficiently — and with ease — to answers to common benefits questions. Questions like: 

        • What preventive services are covered under my health plan? 

        • Am I overpaying for prescriptions? 

        • How close am I to meeting my deductible?

        Try it out by clicking on “Chat” in the HealthJoy app today.

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        An Easier Way to Find Care Find Care Facility View

        In December, we launched a beta version of our self-service tool, Find Care, to a handful of clients, and have been slowly releasing it to additional clients throughout Q1. 

        This powerful provider search tool helps members find and filter a list of high-quality, in-network healthcare providers, facilities, and pharmacies according to their unique preferences. 

        What’s more, the feature allows members to save their preferred providers and facilities for easy reference later by clicking on the bookmark icon in the upper right on the provider/facility detail page. Although Find Care is a self-service tool, members can still seek support from HealthJoy’s healthcare concierge team to answer any questions or schedule appointments. 

        At HealthJoy, we always want to create the best member experience possible, which is why we took Q1 as an opportunity to gather more feedback from members about the tool. We look forward to launching Find Care to 100% of our clients as soon as possible. 

        Stay Tuned

        We’ve got a lot in the works, and our product team can’t wait to share what’s on our roadmap, and how HealthJoy continues to innovate and connect people to the care they need, when they need it. Stay tuned to the HealthJoy Blog to hear the latest.

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