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        3 min read

        A New Approach to Chronic Care

        A New Approach to Chronic Care

        By 2030, an estimated 83 million people in the US will have three or more chronic conditions — compared to 31 million in 2015. That means nearly a quarter of the entire US population will suffer from three or more chronic conditions. For context, just eight years ago that number was less than 10%.

        With this rapid rise in mind, employees are looking for solutions through their employer-provided benefits. Solutions that’ll oftentimes address not just one, but multiple chronic conditions that pose a significant health (physical and mental), financial, and time burden.  

        In this article, we’ll take a look at what is considered a chronic condition, the importance of taking action, and HealthJoy’s new chronic care solution, powered by Teladoc Health—the global leader in whole-person virtual care.

        What is a chronic condition?

        According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chronic diseases “are defined broadly as conditions that last a year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both.” 

        Examples of chronic conditions/diseases include:

        • Heart Disease
        • Cancer
        • Diabetes
        • Chronic Lung Disease
        • Stroke
        • Alzheimer's Disease
        • Chronic Kidney Disease

        The CDC also adds that many chronic conditions are “caused by a short list of risk behaviors” such as: smoking tobacco, excessive alcohol use, poor nutrition, or physical inactivity. 

        Their latest data shows that 60% of adults in the US have a chronic disease and 40% have two or more. 

        And these conditions are often extremely costly. According to the CDC, diabetes is the most expensive chronic condition. $1 out of every $4 spent on healthcare in the US is spent treating people with diabetes. Healthcare costs related to diagnosed hypertension account for nearly $131 billion annually.

        Simply put, most adults in the US have one chronic condition, many have multiple chronic conditions, and receiving care can be quite expensive. So, it makes sense that solutions addressing chronic conditions are on the top of employees' minds. 

        The Role of Primary Care in Managing (and Preventing) Chronic Conditions

        As HealthJoy’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patricia Pechter, recently wrote about, primary care physicians (PCPs) are a vital and powerful ally in the battle against chronic conditions.

        According to Pechter, the relationship healthy individuals build with a PCP helps keep them on track with what they should be doing for their care. This can help prevent chronic conditions from arising.

        However, primary care makes its most significant difference when a PCP can be seen as a trusted advisor in the battle against chronic conditions. 

        According to Pechter, “a PCP who you’ve built a relationship with will advocate that you get the best medication through the prior authorization process to start treatment, send you to top-notch specialists when a consult is needed, hold your hand through teary moments, and be okay with silence as you process a difficult situation.”

        This kind of care and trust is of paramount importance when dealing with chronic conditions like cancer or heart disease. So, be sure to encourage your employees to schedule annual check-ups and keep an open line of communication with their PCP.

        Introducing Chronic Care Through HealthJoy 

        Seamless Integration Supporting Several Chronic Conditions 

        HealthJoy Chronic Care, powered by Teladoc Health, supports employees with one or more chronic conditions by centralizing all chronic care programs into a single interface, providing seamless integration for members. This avoids a fragmented experience for our members compared to similar industry offerings that provide a disjointed care experience.

        Our solution is built around one “anchor” condition, but is designed to address multiple conditions. We offer remote monitoring and coaching to help members navigate their conditions from wherever they are in the world. 

        HealthJoy clients can add this solution without the headaches of adding more vendors, monthly maintenance calls, or disjointed reporting.

        An Integrated Experience Focused on Holistic Support

        Chronic conditions don’t just impact one part of the health journey, and neither should your chronic care solutions. With HealthJoy’s integrated whole-person health support, we give employees the care they need in all areas affected by their chronic condition(s). 

        Chronic conditions can take a serious toll on patients’ mental health. We can step in and direct these patients to HealthJoy Mental Health within the same app, where they can receive the support they need. By creating a unified experience, we’re able to provide whole person wellness support.

        Achieve Rx Savings 

        HealthJoy uses custom strategies and AI to help members uncover significant prescription savings through our Rx Savings program.

        Our healthcare concierge team will review your prescription medications. They’ll use a variety of strategies to see if there’s potential to save you money, including:

        • Manufacturer coupons

        • Prescription assistance

        • 3rd-party savings programs

        • Generic alternatives

        Prescription costs associated with chronic conditions can add up fast. Thankfully, our integrated Rx Savings program helps employees save on the maintenance medications they depend on.

        Learn more today

        Dealing with chronic conditions can be debilitating for employees and costly for employers. By implementing the HealthJoy Chronic Care solution, you’re giving your employees a powerful tool to better control their health conditions. We’ll guide them along the journey and promote the right steps at the right time to deliver impactful outcomes.

        Learn more about HealthJoy’s Chronic Care Solution

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